Competitive Brand Battles

No brand or political candidate communicates in a vacuum. Therefore any messages or positionings that are developed need to anticipate the competitive context in which they land.

We have run political campaigns around the world, as well as working on competitive battles for major brands and products. Our approaches can help to first uncover the unique territories that your brand or organisation can own and then test the effectiveness of your communications in a competitive context.

We do this in qualitative and quantitative research using special tools that mimic the real-world experience of receiving communications, helping to follow the journey of responses as people learn more about each brand.

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“Working with Message House on our brand positioning project has been a real pleasure. They imparted their wisdom and expertise in a very relaxed yet professional manner so it felt more like working with an extension of the in-house team rather than paid consultants.
With a very clear vision, for the steps we’d need to take to get to the desired result, they helped get the internal buy-in from start to finish.”
— Alison Kerwin, Director of Strategic Marketing and Digital Communications, The University of York