Political Campaigns

Political campaigns are the ultimate zero-sum communications test. Long months of political arguments end in a single moment of decision for the voters. The most effective campaigns are those that motivate and mobilise, not only winning hearts but also inspiring action.

Using message testing and audience segmentation we help our clients to develop a compelling narrative and effective messaging strategy to win over their target voters.

We have a wealth of experience, having worked on political campaigns around the world and have been part of successful elections in many countries. We provide senior counsel on political and communications strategy as well as practical support on polling, the field campaign, candidate training and GOTV efforts.

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“Message House provided polling support and campaign expertise for the Estonian Social Democrats in national elections 2015. This covered everything from setting the frame for the election to preparing for television debates. Matt Carter helped us to keep focused on the things that mattered during the short campaign and in a very tough race we won our second best results in national elections and a continued role in coalition government. It was an excellent cooperation!”
— Tarvo Sarmet, Head of Campaigns, Estonian Social Democratic Party