Leadership Training and Executive Support

Everyone, no matter how senior, needs to have around them trusted counsellors and advisers who can help guide them in their communications and decision-making.

The correct message for the correct audience is only half the battle. For a message to really hit home we need leaders and spokespeople with the skills, authority and a deep understanding of strategy to drive the agenda.

We have helped train and support Prime Ministers, CEOs, comms leaders and PR teams, offering a range of services from media training to leadership development, speech-writing to mentoring.

This can be done individually or as a group.  We have run training sessions of all sizes, from multi-country training sessions, to small group coaching or 1-2-1 sessions with the CEO. 

We have also written speeches for global business chiefs and political leaders.

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“Matt Carter’s sessions during the TRACCS Annual Training 2015 were insightful and practical and for those two reasons were incredibly well received. The content was very relatable and sparked off immediate ideas among the participants on how they could work better, smarter and more effectively.”
— Majdi Al Ayed, Executive Vice President & UAE Managing Director, TRACCS