At Message House, we believe that good instincts are enhanced by smart insights.

We use market research tools like surveys and focus groups to uncover answers that help solve business problems and improve the effectiveness of communications.

We work as consultants to support communications and political teams, helping them understand the landscape they face, their most winnable audiences, the messages that move the needle and their most compelling narrative.

We are based in the UK but work around the world and we have expertise across a range of sectors from transport to technology, entertainment to energy, and finance to FMCG.

Our core purpose is to provide smart insights to improve brand, corporate and political campaigns.

We are communications experts in our own right but unlike most PR consultants, we are also experienced researchers who are experts in running qualitative and quantitative research projects to inform our insights.

We have a long history of conducting research for clients but we don’t stop at the data and are regularly hired to advise and train as well as poll.

Below are some of our areas of expertise:


“Message House are all about helping us to win, using insights to help build persuasive campaigns that shift opinion and change behaviours. They not only brought the tactics of the campaign world into the business, they also uncovered insights which helped drive our bold and breakthrough thinking.”
— Olivia Bonner, Sky