Message House has worked on a wide range of projects across the world.  Here’s what some of our clients have said.

“Message House’s presentation and media training workshops were exactly what we needed, delivering sessions that were bespoke to individual strengths and weaknesses. They were incredibly subtle but effective in delivering training sessions that engaged busy senior individuals who haven’t always understood the fundamental importance of messaging and the power of confident delivery. Message House provided expert advice and constructive support which guided those individuals through important aspects of developing and delivering presentations and communications, explaining how to craft a narrative and deliver key messages in a number of tailored scenarios.

Through a mix of roleplay, classroom sessions and iterative feedback, the Message House team ensured participants were more confident, focused and able to perform at a higher level in their future public engagements. There was a marked and positive difference after their participation in the training.”
— Joan Concannon, Director of External Relations, University of York
“Message House are all about helping us to win, using insights to help build persuasive campaigns that shift opinion and change behaviours. They not only brought the tactics of the campaign world into the business, they also uncovered insights which helped drive our bold and breakthrough thinking.”
— Olivia Bonner, Group Director of Culture and Transformation, Sky
“Matt guided us through an excellent process to help us clarify our strategic narrative. When the stakes are high and the process is as important as the product, it helped to have such a wise ‘critical friend’, underpinned by Message House’s sound validation process, to get us to the right place.”
— Colette Dorward, Strategy Management Director, National Trust
“Message House have been instrumental in creating a strong knowledge base, engaging brand articulation and communication proposals for our key messages. Matt and the team have been valuable partners drawing upon significant experience, empathy and innovative thinking to help us unlock the potential for Business in the Community. We are very grateful.”
— Business in the Community
“We needed actionable insights and a reliable, flexible partner to explore the views and opinions of some of our senior stakeholders. Message House, with its expert team of professionals, were the ideal match, providing us with relevant feedback and the clear recommendations we needed.”
— Charlotte James, Corporate Communications Lead, Mundipharma International Limited
“Through smart research and strategic counselling Message House have helped us to create a corporate narrative that now informs how we approach internal decision making and is the foundation for all our external communications. Working with Message House, we have been able to focus on our values and purpose in a way that makes sense for what we stand for as a company within Croatian society.”
— Nina Išek Međugorac, Director of Corporate Communications, Hrvatski Telekom
“The results of both the qualitative and quantitative research undertaken by Message House have far exceeded our expectations. The workshops were enthralling and conducted to an exacting standard. Their understated approach enabled the subtle nuances of the issues to be extracted and woven into the comprehensive persona journeys that will inform the development of both our new website and communication strategy going forwards.”
— Debbie Sharp, Website Manager & Project EPIC Lead, Business in the Community
“We’re absolutely delighted with the recent marketing workshop run by Message House. The team understood our working approach right from the start and, without ‘telling us what to do’, they expertly facilitated the discussion to allow us to address aspects of our marketing that we hadn’t previously considered. The meeting helped to provide a very useful basis for the development of our marketing plan.”
— Dr Matthew Taylor, Health Economist
“Message House were an excellent research partner. They met the challenge of a sensitive brief and created an approach using focus groups and a survey that went to the heart of what our audiences really think and want.”
— Fiona Ferguson, Head of Communications, the RAF Benevolent Fund
“Right from the outset, the Message House team understood what we were trying to achieve, and quickly became trusted allies. They have been great at tailoring and adapting their input as our needs emerged and evolved. They helped us to plan and deliver our research, to draw out the most important insights and messages, and to put these into practice.”
— Tom Fox, Head of Policy and Strategic Partnerships, UnLtd
“We needed an agency to help us create and test thoroughly a campaign that would shift consumer behaviour on a significant scale.  Message House have been brilliant and flexible partners, providing expertise that has shaped the strategy and execution of each element of the programme. The campaign is far from over but we’ve already seen the impact of their work in the changing behaviours of our target audiences.”
— Marianne Grant, representing the team behind the Get It Right Campaign
“Message House have helped Microsoft develop effective messages and smart strategies to support the evolution of the Microsoft Pulse product. Their team have provided detailed insights and expert consultancy in a seamless way, becoming a natural extension of our team.”
— Dritan Nesho, Head of Microsoft Pulse & Director Technology and Civic Engagement
“Message House provided both smart research insights and great communications expertise. Their tools were invaluable in providing learnings about communications that we wouldn’t have been able to get from ordinary research, but they were also dedicated partners on our project, working as communications consultants to help us achieve our goals.”
— Sandro Baricevic, President, Mobile Communications Association, Croatia
“Working with Message House was a really positive experience. They understood what we were trying to achieve through our research and brought great insight about how we could get the most value from the project.

They were professional, collaborative and were able to present their findings in a way that engaged our staff and board effectively.”
— Rebecca Gray, Director of Communications and Information, The King’s Fund
“Message House provided polling support and campaign expertise for the Estonian Social Democrats in national elections 2015. This covered everything from setting the frame for the election to preparing for television debates. Matt Carter helped us to keep focused on the things that mattered during the short campaign and in a very tough race we won our second best results in national elections and a continued role in coalition government. It was an excellent cooperation!”
— Tarvo Sarmet, Head of Campaigns, Estonian Social Democratic Party
“Matt Carter’s sessions during the TRACCS Annual Training 2015 were insightful and practical and for those two reasons were incredibly well received. The content was very relatable and sparked off immediate ideas among the participants on how they could work better, smarter and more effectively.”
— Majdi Al Ayed, Executive Vice President & UAE Managing Director, TRACCS