A week is a long time in politics

So much has happened over the last seven days, it is difficult to keep track!

Here’s a quick round-up of some of our comment and analysis on the EU vote and the lessons for communicators:

"'Remain' failed to connect with the frustration of people who felt that remote elites were connecting power, money and media": Brexit Autopsy: How the Ad Battle Played Out (and What the U.S. Should Learn From It) in Advertising Age

Farage hurts the cause he wants to champion: ‘Comms experts criticise Farage’s smug speech’ in PR Week

Brexit provides the communications industry with opportunities as well as challenges: PR was made for times like these for Public Relations Consultants Association

The UK is a nation divided by class, ethnicity, nationality and age and this makes finding a settlement on Europe much more difficult in the future: Brexit: the post-mortem for Message House

And it’s interesting to revisit our post from January which highlighted the dangerous electoral maths that pointed to a Leave victory: (E)U in or out? for Message House

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